Luciano's sketches

This is a list of sketches I'm creating while learning and exploring Processing and p5js.

All the code from these sketches are available at this git repo.

You can find more info about myself at

s_0001 - gentle red sun

s_0001 preview


First experiment, based on Bernardo's #088 sketch

s_0002 - vertigo

s_0002 preview


Experiment based on Bernardo's #089 sketch

s_0003 - para(chill)axing

s_0003 preview


Experiment with round line-based rendering, parallax and opacity.

s_0004 - fabio puentes

s_0004 preview


Experiment with spinners and perspective, based on marcedwards' processing spinner implementation.

s_0005 - ouroboros

s_0005 preview


Another experiment with spinners and perspective.

s_0006 - paths to exile

s_0006 preview


A retake on vertigo, with a new line renderer and procedural layers.