My favorite obsidian plugins

Luciano Ratamero


Obsidian alone is already a pretty nice tool to help us figure out the mess that's inside of our heads, but I wouldn't be a software developer without overcomplicating things - so here's my list of my favorite plugins.

Since some of these are community plugins, to use them, you need to know how to turn on community plugins.

Periodic notes + Calendar

Ok, these are two different plugins, but they help each other a lot. The Periodic Notes plugin helps us organize... well, periodic notes. For example, I use it to create (almost) daily notes about what I've done, how I'm feeling, things people did that are worthy of note, etc. It keeps the notes organized.

With Calendar, though, it shines ✨ Calendar gives me a visualization on which days I've made notes, how much did I write on that day, and, if you click any day, it creates the note for that day using Periodic Notes' configs, so they're put at the right folder, with the right name.

Picture of where and how the Calendar is rendered inside Obsidian
For example, I wrote too much on the 21st, since it has two dots below the day number. I love it.


Not to be mixed up with Templates, which is a core plugin.

Templater gives people with a little bit of development experience (or a lot of patience) some superpowers for creating new notes. For example, I have a blog post template that puts all needed metadata in a Frontmatter block:

Screenshot of the blog post template
With this template, all dates are correctly set, and, as long as create the note with a title hyphenated-like-this, the post title will be Capitalized like this. Saves a lot of time for recurrent notes at work too.


Because I'm an Agile software development lapdog.

Kanban gives you a kanban board inside of a Markdown file. Really useful for tracking down to-dos, be them work or life related.

Screenshot of a kanban board rendered by the Kanban plugin
While it shows you and interacts like a Kanban board (you can drag things around, archive cards, etc.), it's still a Markdown file under the hood, so yeah 👍

Various Complements

This plugin gives you a better autocomplete, almost IDE-like. Not much to say here, it's just better.

Slides + Fullscreen mode plugin

Obsidian comes with a pretty handy feature: you can make a presentation with multiple slides just by writing sections in a Markdown file separated by a --- line. With the note done, you just need to press Ctrl+P, search for Start presentation and you'll have it on your screen. Sometimes it's a little buggy when the presentation starts, so I just go to the second slide and back, and it fixed itself.

Animation showing how to start a presentation
It only has one small issue: it's not fullscreen. You can't see it in the gif above, but my OS's top bar is still appearing for people that see me sharing my screen, for example. That's where the Fullscreen mode plugin comes in. I just need to enable focus mode (Ctrl+P is your friend here as well), and then start the presentation. Done.

Emoji shortcodes


That's it for now!

Those are the plugins that I've been enjoying as of late. If you have any other that you like, or want more information on any of them, ping me on Twitter! Thanks, and see you next time! ✨