Luciano Ratamero



JavaScript (JS) is a lightweight, interpreted, or just-in-time compiled programming language with first-class functions. While it is most well-known as the scripting language for Web pages, many non-browser environments also use it, such as Node.jsApache CouchDB and Adobe Acrobat. JavaScript is a prototype-based, multi-paradigm, single-threaded, dynamic language, supporting object-oriented, imperative, and declarative (e.g. functional programming) styles. Read more about JavaScript.

while not being my favorite programming language (I still enjoy Python a little bit more), JavaScript is what people often associate me with. most of my programming experience is on JS, and, even though it's flawed, I really love coding with it.

I have a tendency to like scripting languages, and JavaScript is one of the best for those scenarios. it's the language we use on web browsers as well, so writing code and seeing the visual effects of what I'm building brings me joy. and money.

it's a fickle beast, but if you know how to use it, you'll surely have a great time.