Luciano Ratamero


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SvelteKit is a fullstack web framework based on Svelte. And I love it so much 💖

It's no secret that I've been in love with Svelte as soon as I started playing with it in 2019, when they released the v3. Svelte is really, really easy to use and configure, and has good solutions for most of the things I hate about React.

The problem that SvelteKit came to solve was that, before it, there were multiple ways to build a Svelte app or component. You had Sapper, which was closer to what Next.js is to React, and we had the Svelte basic template, which delivered a SPA experience.

While there are still other frameworks that use Svelte as a base (Routify, for example), SvelteKit is useful not only for complex apps, but for making standalone components. Not only that, but using specific adapters, you can deploy your app anywhere, from Vercel, to CloudFlare Workers, to Github Pages, or even as a standalone Node.js app.

So yeah, it's pretty great. 12/10 would use again